Welcome to Carrie Leigh Williams.com!

Carrie Williams is a Senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a concentration in Middle Eastern Policy. She has been involved with Eagle Eye for more than 3 years, serving as general reporter, anchor, executive producer, and now, is honored to hold the position as the Eagle Eye Station Manager.

Carrie is from Northern Virginia, right outside of Washington D.C. She first became interested in Journalism when she was 8 years old, watching 20/20 with Barbera Walters, in addition to discovering her first childhood love, Matt Lauer on "The Today Show."

Carrie would like to thank Eagle Eye for teaching her everything she knows today. Eagle Eye has given her the skills and confidence to excel in her internships at NBC, ABC Business and MTV.

Carrie's future aspirations is to apply her passions to a wide-spectrum of interests within her lifetime; hosting a morning or nightly news show,travel to the Middle East as a foreign correspondent, produce music video's and commercials, and report for an Entertainment Network.

Shoot her an e-mail: carrie@carrieleighwilliams.com.

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